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About the Project

Gaziantep as one of the most socio-politically and economically crucial cities of the region, has become a new home for too many Syrian immigrants, since their first arrival in 2011. According to official records, the immigrants, who are now more than 400 thousand in number, seems to have been entering to all kind of intercultural experience and struggle within any kind of city spaces and with locals of Gaziantep city. This experience might also be considered as having potential problems comprising some major issues based on mutual understanding and interaction.


Departing from this setting this project which is designed as a mezzo-sociological and ethnographic study aims to understand the socio-economic existential strategies of Syrian immigrants in Gaziantep city as a “residence” space, and to explore and/or determine the intercultural communication patterns that they developed in this context.


Thus, this project targets to examine the relationship between the city and space within the frame of the sociology of Gaziantep, and as a result of this, to determine the components of city policies on immigrants which can also be attached to the library of migration sociology and/or ethnography. Also, even though this project will take place in Gaziantep, the patterns that are objected to finding out within the results of the research might offer guidance to the other studies which would be held in other cities struggling with the same problematic.

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